Title Bolt Less Shelving (Rackman)

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Bolt Less Shelving (Rackman)


Fully adjustable bolt free shelving which requires no special fittings. Two heights to choose, double bays and add ons available. This unit offers fully adjustable shelving which requires no special fittings and no bolts, at no expense of quality or strength. The unpierced face of the uprights and beams make this unit suitable for an office environment but also has the strength necessary to meet the needs of commercial / industrial storage applications. Flexible enough to handle office equipment but also garment hanging and cable reel dispensing.


The angle is easily cut to size and the pre punched hole pattern allows angle’s to be bolted together to form shelving that can suit all types of storage requirements. Slotted Angle can be cut and bolted together to form benches, trolleys, and shelving units.

It is easily bolted above benches or along walls to keep floor space clear.

Chipboard shelves are tailor cut to fit the angle frames and steel feet available to fix to the floor. Alternatively, a range of steel shelves are available.

Rackman stock a large range of slotted angle shelving system.

Slotted Angle is used in a wide variety of applications including shelving, benches, trolleys and light construction work.

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Slotted Angle Shelving (Rackman)
Keyhole Bolt Free Shelving (Rackman)


This premium RB Boss FastLok Freestanding Garage Shelving Units are available in both with galvanised steel and powder coated red and black finishes. The high-quality medium-density fibreboard and sturdy steel build make it perfect for all of your garage storage needs. Our garage shelving units are robust and versatile so they are able to be used effectively in a large variety of environments, from offices and utility rooms to garages and workshops.


The RB Boss FastLock Rivet Assembly System ensures fast, easy and hassle-free assembly, simply select the components you wish to assemble, position the rivets at the top of the corresponding keyholes and push the riveted component downwards into place and secure it with a mallet. You could build a sturdy and dependable garage shelving unit in under 10 minutes!


Our Chrome Wire Shelving is an excellent way of storing or displaying products in a professional and organised way. Our range includes a vast choice or units, in a variety of heights, widths and depths with an extensive choice of tiers. Choose from standard, narrow, slanted, light or heavy duty or with storage boxes, or wheels. If that's not enough, you can opt to build-your-own to suit your space, so fitting your specific storage requirements. The flexibility of our attractive chrome wire shelving range means it can organise your storage in any environment. Fantastic for retail, providing great visibility for your merchandise, practical in catering, education and medical environments, offices, showrooms, at exhibitions and equally as functional anywhere in the home. The heavy-duty option provides hard-wearing and robust storage in stock rooms, storage areas, garages, sheds and outbuildings.

Chrome Wire Shelving (Rackman)