Made in Germany and UAE


Modular structures, with variable capacity, adaptable to the environments, the materials to be stored and the handling needs.


Logistics solutions are custom designed, for maximum optimization of space and resources.


We design, also in collaboration with other suppliers and partners, customized solutions for the handling of goods or management programs.


Logistics solutions are custom designed, for maximum optimization of space and resources.


Paintings and coatings with fire-resistant paints and a wide range of accessories and integrated materials (wood, planks, pvc ...) are examples of our constant attention to customer needs.

productions Rackman
productions Rackman
productions Rackman
productions Rackman
productions Rackman

Company Profile

Rackman Shop Fitting trading LLC is one of the largest, independent, family-owned group company in the Middle East and Africa. It is one of only a few locally based storage and material handling companies with the in-house expertise to carry out the design of complex storage facilities.

Rackman Shop Fitting trading LLC is widely recognized and respected as having a reputation that offers high quality products from some of the world's leading manufacturers of world-class metal works and suppliers of high-end racking and shelving solutions, each with decades of industrial experience in storage and material handling services.

Rackman production facilities

Production Facilities

our production plant has modern manufacturing technologies with powerful moulding machines. Industrial racking and shelving system can be customised exactly according to customers needs.

Rackman Distribution Plant

Distribution Plant

Rackman is the Manufacturer, Distributer, Supplier in commercial, residential, Industrial sector. We offer a complete range of storage systems.

Mamooth Bins

The Rackman group exert its purchase option on 70% of the shares of Mammoth Bins, entailing the integration of both companies in a single common project. This is a strategic operation which enables the consolidation and extension of the range of products (as both companies complement each other with their range of products and services) and the consolidation of the different markets in Middle East and Africa.


Rackman formalized the purchase of assets from the Sturdyco operative plants which allows Rackman group to very effectively cover the complete Middle east and Africa. it is one of the leaders for capacity and technology dedicated to storage. Rackman has historically been the market leader in the Middle east and Africa for net sales and technology. With this opportunity, Rackman will acquire the customer base including the major companies in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and India. This will allow Rackman to develop on the international market and provide the best possible services.