Specific problems often need custom solutions. That's what we build.

Custom Pallet Rack Fabrication Services

Today most businesses have taken steps to optimize their warehouse space. Many companies have installed custom pallet racking to minimize under-utilized warehouse space. Rackman can create custom pallet rack and industrial storage solutions that are designed to solve your warehouse storage problems.

We design and create pallet racking and industrial storage solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers. Does your business require industrial shelving of a specific length or depth? Are your products not stored on standard pallets?

We can build storage solutions for heavy, bulky or odd-shaped products. We can turn wasted space into valuable storage space with a custom size rack. Let us work with you to implement effective, safe storage solutions.

Custom Pallet Rack Examples

Here are just a few ways that we can customize pallet rack:

  • Customized Beam Length
  • Customized Upright Depth
  • Customized Upright Height
  • High capacity
  • Backers for extra strength
  • Seismic baseplates
  • Specific bracing patterns
  • Customized Colors – We can paint any color you need

Custom Warehouse Products and Custom Pallet Rack

Beyond custom pallet rack, we also manufacture a wide variety of custom warehouse products. Here is a shortlist of some of the warehouse products we’ve made for our customers:

Pallet rack frames & beams Column guards
Cantilever rack Carts
Safety products Reel rack
Mobile pallet rack Structural pallet rack
Safety products Reel rack
Safety products Reel rack