Stacker cranes for pallet warehouses




In automated pallet warehouses, stocking and retrieval operations done at high speed and with accuracy are essential. Maximum throughput performance and optimised space usage can only be achieved by means of equipment optimally tailored to your warehouse. The stacker cranes are guided by a management software system, which coordinates all activities.

These machines are designed for the automated storage of materials. Travel along the aisles of the warehouse, where they enter, position and extract materials. It adapts easily to the needs of each warehouse in terms of load capacity, dimensions, building height and cycle times, and so is able to cover a huge range of applications.


Pallet conveyor systems ensure that you advantage from an optimally efficient and cost-effective material flow. We configure effective, fast, reliable systems tailored exactly to your needs. When your goods require transport, distributing goods to exact positions required by the logistics operations.

This conveyor system represents an ideal combination between the efficiency of the stacker cranes and the entry, dispatch and handling processes of the load units. We have the customised solutions and technologies to make that happen. As a result, your investments will bear fruit and pay off.

Pallet conveyor system
Box Conveyor System


Boxes in cardboard or plastic can be feeded and stored fully automatically in concepts for saving man power and floorspace. This system is easy to integrate for existing as well as in new robot automation cells. We have long experience of produce cost efficient solutions depending of needs. The distances within an installation can be covered by different transport devices, which are commonly combined with demanding requirements in terms of functionality and frequency of each and every component of the system.

The use of driving mechanism and presence-detection systems enabled by mechanical or optical detection devices allows the boxes to be moved under controlled conditions to the desired positions.


Automated warehouse storage system for boxes or trays that integrates racking, machinery and warehouse management software all in one. It is made up of a central aisle, along which a stacker crane travels, and two racks built at either side used to store boxes or trays. The picking and handling area is formed by conveyors and is positioned at one end or at the side of the racking. Here, the stacker crane deposits the load extracted from the rack. The conveyors then take the box to the operator and once he/she has finished the job, it is returned to the stacker crane which then places it back in the racking. The whole system is controlled by a management software package which registers the location of all the materials in the warehouse and keeps a real time inventory.

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